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In 1998, a private practice physician with a computer science education set out to engineer a physician- and patient-centric electronic health record.


With a mission to improve physician workflow and patient care, DocLinks was born.

Streamlining workflow, supporting quality, consistent patient care, and improving lives was the goal.
DocLinks achieved these goals through a flexible approach that tailored the technology to the unique needs of each practice. As needs evolved, DocLinks evolved to meet them.

In 2010, US EMR systems took a turn in a vastly new direction.


Many non-clinical organizations sought information an EMR could provide, dramatically altering the way they were developed. As a result, EMR inefficiencies have led to unprecedented physician burnout and medical error, creating measurable damage to the fabric of medicine.

DocLinks relentlessly pursued a different course.


Our mission to improve patient care and support physician workflow remains the same. As technology-led self-starters with more than 20 years of EMR experience, we have refined the user experience to be ideally aligned to the typical patterns and workflow of a private practice physician.

Today, our platform is driving a more efficient practice for numerous physicians.


With the release of machine learning technology, we’re enhancing physician practices even further to reduce task-focused data entry and focus on patient-centric care.


Making patient care more efficient is why we continuously hone our technology each day, so you can do what you do best – care for patients.

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Dr. Craig Wehrli, CEO and President


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