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Advanced AI in Version 9.5


Medical technology designed to enhance care


Let's be honest ... EHR's have been a nightmare for physicians. 

We're DocLinks and we're different. 

Most EHRs require you to follow their thinking. We don’t. We're not a one size fits all system; instead, we offer an intuitive solution that flexes to the unique needs of your practice. 

DocLinks was designed and built by physicians to follow the natural workflow of the physician practice.

Founded in 1998, we set out to deliver technology to serve the needs and desires of private practice physicians. Today, DocLinks is leveraging machine learning to create new efficiencies within your EHR that ask less and do more.

See how DocLinks got its start and why it's leading the future of EHR technology.

Why Choose DocLinks



DocLinks learns from the patterns of your clinical behavior to better support you. With the latest in machine learning, DocLinks identifies treatments you typically recommend for common conditions, checks for errors and much more.

Work Remotely or Connect  via TeleMedicine
DocLinks EHR

Integrated TeleMedicine allows remote access for Patients and Providers.

Web-based, DocLinks is portable and accompanies you wherever you choose to provide services to your patients.


to Fit

DocLinks is adaptable to your unique workflow and practice needs. You’ll also have access to customizable templates, protocols, and pathways to allow for additional modification and flexibility.




Connect to the providers you depend on for information about your patients.

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Consistent, High-

Quality Support


Personalized training and round-the-clock help desk make getting answers easier.  Located in the U.S., our support is a simple e-mail or phone call away.


ONC Certified

Stay ahead of your reporting requirements and navigate MIPS/MACRA easily with help from DocLinks.


There are many reasons to choose DocLinks . . .

From clinically-based machine learning and interoperability to physician-and patient-centric programming combined with high-tech support staff, DocLinks outshines other EMRs.

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