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Smart technology. Simple design.


Experience a more efficient and safe workflow

At DocLinks, we feel an electronic medical record should make life easier for the physician.

That's why we developed a physician- and patient-centric EHR.


We continually enhance and develop features to help your medical practice succeed and stay safe while doing so.

Intuitively designed, our integrated, cloud-based solution is designed for smartphones, computers, and tablets. Experience our new interactive HIPAA-compliant DocLinks TeleMed  and Virtual Assistant features. Our patient portal connects with scheduling and allows you and your patients to communicate securely and easily in a number of different ways. 


We offer a variety of clinical note types ranging from simple templates to our Universal Note, which automatically adjusts for any E & M encounter.   All the while, our advanced machine learning technologies evaluate each patient  with you at the time of the encounter, help you avoid errors of omission, and provide you with tools that allow you to complete your documentation efficiently and seamlessly.

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Take a closer look at the many benefits of choosing DocLinks.

See how DocLinks follows the natural workflow of the patient encounter from start to finish.

Designed to fit your practice

DocLinks is available in seven specialty versions specifically programmed to provide ideal workflows and decision support tools for each specialty.


You can also self-customize templates and views for a single-specialty practice or combine elements to support a multi-specialty clinic.


Family Practice

Includes more than 41 tools and 36 guidelines specific for primary care. Include EPCS and the patient portal to enhance the patient experience.


Internal Medicine

Includes over 50 tools and 75 guidelines to provide decision support specific for common IM diseases.



Includes immunization registries, immunization protocols, age-weight medication dosing, growth charts, Down's syndrome growth charts and percentile vital sign statistics.



Includes coronary tree mapping, LV function displays, templates for ETT, stress echo, and nuclear studies,  interfacing to imaging systems.



Includes 24 guidelines and 20 tools which are specific for nephrology.



Includes 28 guidelines and 26 tools specific to neurology.



Includes templates and protocols based on ACOG guidelines. Incorporates lab results directly into prenatal forms.

Medication Map

Medication management can be a time consuming.

DocLinks Medication Map simplifies the process so it’s easier and faster.


The system performs a comprehensive assessment of the patient's medications and automatically displays pertinent results for easy viewing.

Color coding alerts you to severity level warnings and a single click provides more detail.

MedMap carefully assesses any changes to medication lists on multiple levels, such as pediatric dosing and renal and hepatic interactions. 


Medication lists are continuously assessed and updated for drug and disease interactions, insurance formularies, and allergies. Our streamlined design reduces time and clicks to e-prescribe, including controlled substances.


DocLinks Medical Speech


Embedded into the DocLinks programming is Nuance’s Dragon Naturally Speaking dictation system, creating the backbone for DocLinks Medical Speech. With excellent accuracy and no need for plugins, you’ll be able to dictate notes wherever you have DocLinks.

DocLinks allows providers to create "hybrid" notes that are based in both spoken transcription and manually entered content.


DocLinks Medical Speech learns your speech patterns and warns you if it doesn’t recognize a word or phrase. Not only does it transcribe text efficiently, but the color comparison of words makes it easy to rapidly identify and correct errors.

  • Embedded with Dragon Naturally Speaking software

  • Allows for hybrid notes

  • Learns your speech patterns

  • Alerts you to contextual errors

  • Cloud-based within DocLinks


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