Connecting data for patient care.

Seamless integration with third-party systems

We're named DocLinks for a reason.

Interoperability and the communication of information among healthcare providers is at the core of what we do.


The DocLinks digital architecture was invented in 1998 with the specific purpose of allowing different medical groups to legally exchange medical information on mutual patients. DocLinks functioned as a "community based" EHR in southwest Washington for many years.

After 20 years, DocLinks continues to promote interoperability and communication of information between healthcare providers, associated medical groups, lab companies, hospitals and other entities.


We are passionate about interoperability and the benefits of systems in which healthcare information is exchanged.


DocLinks uses many types of interface technologies.

In addition to custom interfaces, DocLinks supports the standardized FHIR open standards for application programming interfaces.


This standard is rapidly being adopted by all EHR products to allow communication between various EHR vendors.


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