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Platform + Messaging

This app is required as the secure, encrypted base of the remaining apps. It includes the Messaging App which allows you to securely communicate with other providers and their office staff.


ePrescription + EPCS

This app allows a Surescripts solution for ePrescription of most medications. It includes the DocLinks Med Map which shows drug interactions and 14 other medication parameters before you prescribe. As an additional option, you may include EPCS (ePrescription Controlled Substances) to this package.


DocLinks Medical Speech

More than the usual smart phone voice-to-text, this app enables DocLinks to transcribe medical terms accurately. Just read a patient's medication list out loud and the medications will be correctly input into the E-Prescription App. Dictate messages containing medical orders simply by speaking into the DocLinks messaging app.

Lab Results

This app allows you to see recent and historical lab results on your patients. With appropriate permission from providers associated with you, it can show you lab results from multiple providers in your community on the same patient. Graphical and trend analyses are included.

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Diagnostic Test Results

This app allows you to see test results from radiology facilities, pathology facilities, vascular groups, hospitals or other medical entities. Interfacing is required.

Patient Portal​

This app allows you and your patients to communicate through a HIPAA compliant web portal. Messaging between you, your office staff and patients optimizes continuity of care. Lab results and test results may be forwarded for your patient's review.

Clinical Images

Do you ever need to document injuries related to abuse or want to accurately document the state of a wound so you can compare it at the patient's next appointment? As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words.

This app ties with the camera on your mobile device to allow you to easily take HIPAA compliant pictures of your patients to be permanently stored on our servers as part of the medical record.


This app gives you ready access to clinical notes and documents when you are on-the-go. It is an integral part of the DocLinks EHR, but can also be tied to other EHR systems through interfaces as needed.

As an independent physician, you're on-the-go more often than not.


We have solutions to help you get the most from your time.

DocLinks Mobile Apps are a versatile suite of web applications designed to improve the efficiency of healthcare providers and the quality of medical care while in the office or out of the office.


Used individually or together, they allow healthcare providers access to patient information and clinical tools needed to provide optimal care.


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