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DocLinks New AI Version

OLYMPIA, Washington -- Today, LIN Software, producer of the award-winning DocLinks electronic health record (EHR), announced a major software revision. The new version 9.5 seamlessly integrates DocLinks with advanced clinical machine learning algorithms running on Microsoft's Azure Cloud. Its new system architecture sets the stage for DocLinks to be one of the most flexible and adaptable EHRs available.

An EHR Should Be More Than A Billing Tool

"It's long overdue for the medical community to turn the corner and come to the realization providers should get more from an EHR other than a glorified billing system. Yes, billing and office management are important, however an EHR which improves the lives of patients and the efficiency of providers is our expectation of the future. AI is the next logical phase of EHR technology to get us there.

At LINSoft, we are proud to be on the forefront of developing AI systems to improve the quality of medicine," said Dr. Craig Wehrli, Founder and CEO of DocLinks.

"We do not see AI as ever taking the place of a healthcare provider; instead, these systems have the potential to help providers in many ways. Think of it like driving a car with a crash avoidance system to help evade traffic accidents. Similarly, DocLinks AI helps providers prevent errors of omission during each patient encounter. It is designed to save providers time and allows them to do so with a single recommended click. "

Moving Towards An Adjustable EHR Platform

Dr. Wehrli further mentioned the enhanced benefits of the new version include its speed and flexibility of design. "We believe the days of large, inflexible, monolithic EHR systems are numbered. Almost all medical practices are unique in one way or another, and the EHR of the future should be flexible and robust enough to adjust to the unique needs of each provider."

DocLinks v9.5 is already fully integrated with several top-of-the-line practice management and scheduling systems (OpenPM, Advanced MD, Healthwind and others) allowing their clients access to services which best suits their needs. If a full PM integration is not needed, DocLinks now offers scheduling software with patient integration built into the new version.

"Version 9.5 enhances our ability to be flexible, which is important to many of our clients who have unique needs."

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