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Imagine your perfect EHR.

Now, open your eyes.

We've been here the whole time.

The DocLinks Difference isn't some marketing gimmick- it's a suite of electronic health record features designed to save you time, money, and EHR-induced headaches (seriously, you should get those checked out!)

One-Click Ordering

It's really that simple with DocLinks. Preload custom order favorites with what you use most, then a simple click of the mouse sends it all out. Gone are the days of relentless clicking; DocLinks is ready to revolutionize your EHR experience, again!

A.I. and Machine Learning

EHR software should work with, rather than against, you. Does yours? DocLinks EHR uses proprietary A.I. technology to help you increase efficiency, expediency, and maximize your time doing what you do best: providing quality care to your patients.

U.S. Based Tech Support

Don't settle for being treated like a hot-potato, being bounced around the globe.  At DocLinks, we answer the phone when you call.  We write back when you e-mail. We Zoom with you when you need us. 

We're always there for you- you're never just another number.

A Cloud-Based EHR

DocLinks is 100% cloud-based, meaning no expensive IT overhauls, no fear of stolen hardware or costly hardware maintenance, and the peace of mind in knowing that your patient health information is guarded by the strongest physical and electronic security measures on the market- we're 100% HIPAA compliant and ONC certified.

A cloud-based EHR allows you to use your electronic health record on the go! Need to provide care outside the office? As long as you have a cell signal, DocLinks is with you.


Your technology SHOULD work with other technology.  But does it?  DocLinks integrates with a wide variety of software so that you don't have to spend time being bounced around from company to company, figuring out how to make your software talk to each other.  Love your existing software programs? That's great, keep them! We'll integrate and make life a breeze.

Customizable EHR

While shopping for your new EHR you'll hear plenty of people tell you there's is 'fully customizable," but that means different things to different companies.

At DocLinks, we let YOU tell us what you want and where you want it, and we make your vision a reality!

Making the Switch

It's time.  Chances are high that if you're here, you're either fed up with your existing EHR or you're ready to set up your first. We couldn't be more excited to take that leap with you- and don't worry, we'll be with you every step of the way, from preparation, to implementation, to continued training until you're ready and able to operate on your own, comfortably.


We're ready.  Are you?

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